Monday, October 4, 2010

Hiding Behind a Fake Smile...

Shes hiding behind a fake smile,

But its something shes used to.

Shes done it now for a while,

Smiling for real is something thats not easy for her to do.

She always acts like her life is pure bliss,

But the truth is, Everything is going wrong,

She only acts happy to help herself stay strong.

Everyday she holds in the tears she wants to cry,

She acts like a normal teenage girl.

When theres really so much pain hidden inside,

When she really feels like shes living one big lie,

The truth is some days she just wants to give up and no longer try.

But today is not the day to let everyone know the truth,

Its like a caged animal and its not ready to be let loose.

So for now she'll do her best to walk around in happy style,

And she'll keep on hiding behind that fake smile.

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