Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alive by Alex Pavia

Tell me, what's next?
I feel that I'm blinded by the past
This world is so
Unreal, and happiness don't last

Will you be my eyes
And lead me out of the darkness
Will you take me away
To another glory?

Tell me, what's next?
Tell me what's real
Tell me when it's over
Tell me what's truth,
This pain I feel
Everyday I get older
Tell me, is this life that I've been living
Just another waste of your energy
Is this life we've been living just a lie?
Am I alive?

When I look
In the mirror
Am I staring at myself,
Or am I seeing just a model
Of what you want me to be?
Are these hands my hands?
And is this body my body?
And is there anybody else that sees?

It's over now and you're gone
And I have just been waiting here for far too long

Can you feel my heart beat baby?
Can you feel my lungs are breathing?
Can you feel my breath on the back of your neck,
Baby I'm alive
Do you feel my hand when I touch yours?
I know you know I'm here but I'm not sure
That you feel me, baby do you feel me?

Copyright 2008 Alexander Pavia

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