Thursday, December 2, 2010


So lately I’ve been going through some hard times, just different things in my life that aren’t going so well. Over the last few weeks I’ve found myself stressing about all the bad stuff in my life rather then focusing on all the good. I got challenged by one of my closest friends to start counting my blessings, to come up with a list of awesome things in my life that I’m thankful for. To be completely honest I’ve struggled coming up with a list, if it was the bad stuff I could knock out a long list no problem but I guess it’s only because I think about it so much.
God’s forgiveness and everlasting love
William Andrew Torr 
Donna-Kay Kilgour – My twin
Incredibly supportive church
My mother, who always does the best she can
My not so amazing past for making me who I am today
LOL – Our young adults group at church and everyone in it
Memories of awesome things that I have done
Jero and Daniella – My Vanuatu girls for being so encouraging
A roof over my head every night
Food in the fridge
Rad supervisors/managers at work
Christmas music – no matter what, it always cheers me up
Unexpected plane flights to Brisbane
Job interview with Apple
My passions – TWLOHA, Apple, Church, Operation Beautiful, etc.
That I am able to help my friends because of what I’ve been through
My animals for keeping me company when I am home alone
Chocolate – it makes everything better
Worship music – it also makes everything better :)
Freedom from persecution
Bright colours – without these my world would be a boring place
Rad photos that make me smile
Hope for the future
So here is my list in progress and my challenge to you. Try to look at the positives, make a list of blessings. It will change your outlook. Trust me.

All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the LORD your God - Deuteronomy 28:2
To be continued..

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